Mileage and Maintenance Log Book


Keep track of all your work-related travel and maintenance expenses for tax season.

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Keep track of all your work-related travel and maintenance for tax season! ★

If you’re self-employed or an entrepreneur, you know that keeping things organized is key to making tax season stress-free. This conveniently sized log book will fit in your car’s glove box and help you to calculate just how much of your vehicle use is for business.

This log book has three useful sections:

✓ Vehicle maintenance log
✓ Gas station fill-up log
✓ Individual trip log with odometer readings

When tax season rolls around, you’ll thank yourself for being on top of this pesky but important deductible!

With a stylish cover design perfect for the modern entrepreneur, this 5 x 8 inch logbook will go with you no matter what your busy day holds. Tuck it in your car with a pencil or pen and you’re good to go!

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