Cute and Cursive 1: Animals


Learn cursive writing with fun words and facts about animals.

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Beautiful penmanship starts here with cursive writing activities geared towards animal-loving kids!

Set your children up for writing success with this 6-lesson workbook. Your child will start by learning how to shape both upper case and lower case cursive letters and numbers before moving on to work on the ways the letters connect with each other. In the word and sentence lessons, they’ll grow in independence as they practice writing out animal words and facts that will keep them entertained as they learn.

Step One: Letters

Practice getting each letter just right with traceable lessons teaching the cursive way of writing capitals and lower case letters.

Step Two: Numbers

Practice writing numbers 0 through 9 in a way that compliments a cursive writing style.

Step Three: Connections

Learn how cursive letters connect with each other. Each connection will help your child understand how to structure the words and sentences they write later.

Lesson Four: Words

Start by writing out animal names and words using the tracing guide, then practice them on the lined guides.

Step Five: Short Sentences

Practice writing short sentences by reading them, tracing them, and finally writing them. Learn some neat animal facts along the way!

Step Six: Longer Sentences

With a little more independence, your child will write sentences without tracing them first. Slightly longer sentences with even more fun animal facts!

This 150+ page workbook will keep your kids entertained while they learn elegant penmanship and practice their fine motor control skills. This book is 8.5 x 11 inches in size, and printed on pencil-friendly white paper stock.

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