Journals & Workbooks

House Plant Journal

This logbook is perfect for keeping track of your green friends, helping you ensure that they are given the right conditions they need to thrive.

Ten Weeks of Gratitude Journaling

Practice more mindful habits and create healthy routines with this ten week journaling challenge.

The Tarot Card Journal

Create your own unique interpretive guide to the traditional tarot deck. Includes a journaling template for each card in the deck!

Writer's Log Book

Features 52 weekly planning sheets for setting goals, recording word counts, and making notes on your writing progress.

Succulent Care Log

This handy journal is ideal for keeping track of your entire plant collection and all their unique needs. Multiple page designs and log sheets.

Mileage and Maintenance Log Book

This conveniently sized log book will fit in your car's glove box and help you calculate your business use of your vehicle. Perfect for tax time!

Houseplant Identification Journal

This handy book will replace all the plastic info tags that come with your houseplants. Keep all the watering, light, and climate info here!

Food Blogger's Planning Journal

Specially designed interior worksheets to help you organize your recipes and streamline them into blog posts with keywords, titles, and monetization strategies.

Blogging Planner

Outline your blog posts so you're ready to write when the urge strikes! Helps create content that aligns with your blog's mission and purpose.

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