The Digital Product Success PLan

Build Passive Design Income on Etsy (and Beyond)

Get your step-by-step guide to building and growing your own digital product business on Etsy with The Digital Product Success Plan!

Designers, artists, and creative types all have specialized skills that are valuable. But how can you grow your business without sacrificing more time for client projects? By creating digital products, of course!

In this actionable guide, you’ll learn the tried-and-true techniques of running this specialized type of store from the owner of three digital product shops on Etsy. Includes an appendix with many different product examples and suggestions for different niches!

…and so much more!

Whether you’re an Etsy newbie or an experienced store owner looking to pivot, The Digital Product Success Plan will put you on the path to running a flourishing digital product business in no time.

About Author

Rebecca Wilson

Writer, designer, and book coach Rebecca Wilson has been publishing a broad variety of creative books for more than half a decade. She owns and operates multiple Etsy shops selling both physical and digital products, and coaches others on how to increase their online business success.

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